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I Think I Found Perfection! baked goods breakfast gluten-free recipes relationships sugar-free Oct 08, 2017

What to make for dessert when most of your dinner party guests are on a restricted diet? Carrot Zucchini muffins, of course!


It is October 8, 2017 and I am enrolled in the State of Slim program at work. The program gives excellent guidelines on what to eat and when. However, this girl...

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Gluten and Sugar-Free Chocolate Muffins Sep 27, 2017

Soooooo, I have joined yet another health challenge, this time, it is for the long-term. State of Slim is being offered at work, so of course, I jumped on board.


Dr. Holly Wyatt presented us with the possibility of losing 10 – 25% of our weight within 16 weeks. Heck yeah,...

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Rainbow Thai Chicken Salad dairy-free gluten-free lunch recipes Sep 24, 2017

It's a very fun challenge to find wonderful recipes and then make them gluten-free, sugar-free, and/or dairy-free if necessary. Here is one of my latest finds:

 Rainbow Thai Chicken

Healthy living has always been a goal of mine, but now that I'm getting older, I feel some of my poor food choices a lot faster....

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Here I Am, On Purpose! health relationships Sep 21, 2017

At this moment, my life feels on purpose. I mean, I am REALLY in the flow right now. I am in the midst of a 30-day sugar cleanse, a 30-day yoga challenge, and a 9-week Financial Peace University class. My butt is getting kicked left and right (as my Dad would say), and yet this is the most...

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3 Tips For Using Essential Oils health Sep 18, 2017

Here's a little video I posted for a friend's doTERRA party covering 3 tips for using essential oils. I'm sharing the magic about what can happen with PEPPERMINT LEMON, and LIME essential oils.


I hope these tips help!


All my love,


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