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As an entrepreneur and community builder, I help women nourish themselves so they can create lives they love!


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Would you like to feel better in your body? 


Do you want more energy to keep up with your daily responsibilities?  Do you know at a soul level that it is time to make some changes but you don’t know where to begin?  

I’ve been there and I would be honored to help you love the way you feel in your body.  Join our workshops to get answers on how to strengthen your immune system, boost your energy and balance your hormones.

For most of my 20’s and 30’s I had low energy, erratic moods and uncontrollable belly bloat.  Like many people, I tried so many things in an effort to feel good in my body – acupuncture, the Atkins diet, intense aerobic workouts and more.  Nothing helped me to feel healthy and whole.  

After a lifetime of doctor visits, we discovered I had celiac disease. It turned out I am allergic to both gluten and dairy.  My body had been in a constant war with itself for years. 

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In the beginning of my healing journey, I was very resistant to changing my eating habits.  It felt like a life-sentence in prison to never be able to eat crusty, flaky bread again.  Feelings of victimhood arose as I watched the rest of my family and friends indulge in pizza and fried chicken among other things.  After ingesting these foods, I hated the way I felt, but I hated feeling left out even more.

I know I’m not alone. Many of my students have expressed similar fears that they’ll no longer enjoy eating some of their favorite foods if they release gluten, dairy and sugar.


I was determined to find a better way.  


My studies at NYU had inspired a lifelong commitment to perseverance and excellence, so I chose to study plant medicine at the Arvigo Institute in Belize.  Spiritual studies healed my relationship to food, at the Inner Connection Institute, as I achieved my certification as a healing practitioner.  A few years later, I threw myself into studies at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition which led me to become a Culinary Nutritionist and teacher.

I discovered that life can be lived with so much more joy when eating plant-based.  I feel amazing in my body when I consume whole foods, making sure to include protein, healthy fat and fiber at every meal.  There are so MANY nourishing foods to discover – including moist bread and decadent chocolate cake!   My moods are more stable and my hormones are in balance. 

I would love to help you discover what works for you too!


"Thanks so much, Michelle you were amazing as always! Everyone had a blast! I think one of the comments nailed it - professional, but down home and fun!"

Allison Snyder, Client
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Come join one of my events to learn how to cook nutritious foods that are also beautiful and delicious.


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Life is so much more enjoyable on the other side of poor eating habits.  I am able to be present with my family and have plenty of energy to do the things I enjoy in life.  I am here to help you do the same.  Let’s reclaim your joy together!

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Official Bio

Michelle Fox, entrepreneur and community builder, helps women nourish themselves so that they can create lives they love!  It is her mission to create healthier communities by supporting busy professionals.

Michelle is also the host of the podcast Nourish with Michelle FoxTune in on your favorite podcast platform, get inspired, and be ready to discover why so many women turn to Michelle for guidance when it comes to health and wellness.

Drawing from her extensive knowledge, Michelle authored the transformative book, Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me? 7 Steps To Dramatically Reduce Your Hot Flashes Through The Power of Nutrition! With this guide, she aspires to alleviate the suffering experienced by women navigating the challenges of menopause, offering practical solutions through the power of nutrition.

Michelle’s certifications come from New York University, Inner Connection Institute, Arvigo Institute (Belize) and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition (Toronto).  She is also a recent Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women: Black in Business graduate.  Michelle builds healthier communities through entrepreneurial coaching, teaching culinary nutrition workshops, hosting international wellness retreats and engaging in community service.  

Based in Denver, Colorado, you will find Michelle on socials @michellefoxlove and at

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