#75: Kandice Porter Helps Us Say Goodbye

Feb 27, 2024
Kandice Porter sitting on the left, Michelle Fox standing on the right

In this episode…


The time has come to say goodbye, for now. This is the final episode of Nourish with Michelle Fox before I embark upon a sabbatical. 

Your unwavering support from Episode #1 through today’s Episode #75 has been so nourishing to my heart and soul. I cannot thank you enough for riding along this journey with me!  

As I take some time away from social media, I want to encourage you to keep in touch with me. By joining our email community, you will still receive guidance on building a healthier lifestyle. You will also receive updates for future events and workshops by signing up here.  Another way to keep in touch is to get on the waitlist for future retreats at

In today’s episode I am beyond grateful to have Kandice Porter sitting by my side as I pass her the mic for this interview. Kandice has been with me and has encouraged me through many ups and downs.  She has been a shoulder for me to cry on (literally), and I couldn’t think of a better guest to have with me as I close the door to my podcasting journey…for this season. 

Kandice is a dynamic storyteller and a champion of Black women. She provides a safe space for Black women to come together to tell their stories in their own words.  You may connect with her here.

Today, Kandice helps me explore the beginning of my business and podcasting journeys to reflect on all the good, the growth, the changes, and what’s to come next. I hope you feel heard and seen as I share my “why” for needing to hit the pause button.


The Power of a Pause


Today we are emphasizing the significance of pauses in our lives. We highlighted my discovery of misalignment between my passion for nourishing others and current work routine.

For 13 months, I kept feeling something shift within - a nagging urge to re-explore my desires and ambitions, which got compounded by my experience at the Sistahbiz Goal Digger Boot Camp. It was there that, amidst the electrifying energy of inspiring success stories and ambitious entrepreneurs, I came up against an intense realization: I was no longer in love with my business.


Transition – A Path to Self Discovery


Saying goodbye for now is more of an alignment towards my newfound vision for 2024. The ensuing sabbatical is a journey of curiosity, a voyage to unearth what God has in store for me, and those I serve.

This eye-opening realization, energized by an illuminating conversation with Kandice, added layers to my decision to bid a temporary farewell to the Nourish with Michelle Fox podcast. I believe this time away will provide some answers for a more fulfilling life adventure.


Conclusion: Goodbye, for Now


In this farewell episode, I'm stepping into a new chapter of my life, prioritizing purposeful actions over the current routine busyness. As I hit pause on the podcast, I want to emphasize the significance of recognizing when our bodies and souls need a break AND having the courage to take that break. 

This pause marks the beginning of something deeper, more aligned with my desires. As the journey of Nourish unfolds during this pause, I'm grateful to explore this path of curiosity, fully embracing the power of a pause.



Highlights of this episode:

  • Michelle Fox expresses her continued commitment to building healthier communities and invites listeners to join her email community for updates, events, and workshops. The goal is to foster connection and support among women.
  • Michelle reminisces as she and Kandice Porter discuss some of Michelle’s favorite episodes.
  • Kandice shares her personal journey of losing a business and how she had to reset to find her new path. 
  • Michelle says goodbye, for now, to this amazing podcast community.


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