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Featured in CorePower Yoga, AARP, Academy of Culinary Nutrition, SecondActWomen, and Sistahbiz
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Ever wish you had a nutrition coach, with over 20 years of experience, sharing success secrets in your ear?


That’s exactly what you’ll get when you listen to Nourish with Michelle Fox. Her superpower? Breaking down complicated health topics into bite-sized pieces designed to get you results.


Tune in, get inspired, and be ready to discover why so many busy professionals turn to Michelle for guidance when it comes to wellness - including group coaching, corporate workshops, on-demand courses, and so much more.


Whether you're on day 1 or day 1,0001 of your health journey, each episode is designed to inspire you to create a

body and a life that you love!

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Featured In
Featured in CorePower Yoga, AARP, Academy of Culinary Nutrition, SecondActWomen, and Sistahbiz

Michelle gives me life!

Michelle brings all the joy and energy to healthy eating. I love listening to her. She offers great tips and insights on eating healthy but she makes it fun, sexy and cool too!


Love Michelle’s Energy!

Michelle has an incredible way of entertaining her audience while she educates everyone into making health a priority. I love her energy. Keep it up!

Mark in Denver

Thanks for sharing your energy, ideas and love!! It was great and really helped me get back in focus!!

Faye Ganley

You have encouraged me so much!! So so so grateful! Cravings are history!

Anastasia Remmes

The playbook for women business owners to be healthy and feel sexy over 40

[Nourish] is quickly becoming my go to podcast to support my health journey. It’s perfect for the busy professional over 40 that desires to make small changes that lead to a body and life they love.

Michelle’s style is approachable, fun, relatable, and I appreciate that her wisdom comes in the form of bite size gentle reminders. After each episode you will leave feeling nourished and supported. Something high achieving entrepreneurs like myself desperately need as we build sustainable businesses.

Bianca McGee

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Michelle is like a human safety blanket; she makes everything better. We cannot rave enough about her, so if you get a chance to work with her, don’t pass on it!

Lupe Hirt

I just love your energy! You would be the person who would make me want to enjoy celery sticks. The world needs what you have and busy professionals need you.

Jasmine Star

Your words, encouragement, thoughts, realities were inspiring and so helpful. Here’s to better awareness, radiant health, and nourishing choices moving forward for all.

Sherri Go

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