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Michelle Fox, Culinary Nutritionist, is a mom, wife, friend, yogi, and community builder. It is her mission to create healthier communities.  She teaches busy professionals how to get more nutrition in their bodies and how to have more fun in their home kitchens!

Michelle is also the host of the podcast Nourish with Michelle Fox. Tune in on your favorite podcast platform, get inspired, and be ready to discover why so many women turn to Michelle for guidance when it comes to health and wellness.

Drawing from her extensive knowledge, Michelle authored the transformative book, Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me? 7 Steps To Dramatically Reduce Your Hot Flashes Through The Power of Nutrition!  With this guide, she aspires to alleviate the suffering experienced by women navigating the challenges of menopause, offering practical solutions through the power of nutrition.

Michelle’s certifications come from New York University, Inner Connection Institute, Arvigo Institute (Belize) and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition (Toronto). She builds healthier communities through teaching culinary nutrition workshops, hosting international wellness retreats and engaging in community service.

Based in Denver, Colorado, you will find Michelle on socials @michellefoxlove and at

Michelle Fox outside with son.

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Michelle Fox in kitchen with mug.
Michelle Fox in kitchen with green smoothie.
Michelle Fox holding a head of cauliflower.
Michelle Fox headshot by The Female Shoota.
Michelle Fox featured in the following.
Corepower Yoga with Michelle Fox.
Academy of Culinary Nutrition with Michelle Fox.
SecondAct Women with Michelle Fox.
Sistahbiz with Michelle Fox.

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Recent Highlight

We are happy to announce some wonderful news!
Michelle has been given the amazing opportunity to be part of the One Million Black Women in Business Fall 2023 Cohort with Goldman Sachs and 1863 Ventures!
It is a chance to learn from some brilliant minds, find support in an inspiring community, and connect with new faces. Follow along on Instagram to witness Michelle's journey in New York and beyond!

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September 26, 2022

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May 2022

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Guest Appearances

Isabelle Bridges with Michelle Fox.

The Mother's Empowerment Podcast with Isabelle Bridges

Jun 6, 2023

E17: Reset Your Meal Plan

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The Podcast on Podcasting with Adam Adams and Michelle Fox.

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June 5, 2023

E337: How Not To Go Broke When Podcasting

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February 15, 2023

E26: Michelle Fox on Making Traditional Meals Simple

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Mindfull Conversations with Robin Glickstein and Michelle Fox.

MindFULL Conversations with Robin Glickstein Podcast

February 6, 2023

MindFULL Meals - February Edition

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#3Uniques podcast with Brenda Rigney and Michelle Fox.

The #3Uniques with Brenda Rigney Podcast/ Aligned AF

January 30, 2023

Creating Healthier Communities with Michelle Fox, Culinary Nutritionist

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Have a Seat with podcast Lana Hailemariam and Michelle Fox.

Have a Seat with Lana Hailemariam Podcast

July 27, 2022

E27: Eating to Life (not death) with Guest Michelle Fox - Part 1 & 2 

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Academy of Culinary Nutrition and Michelle Fox.

Culinary Nutrition Panel

June 10, 2022

Session 4: One Meal for All - Getting Little Ones (And Selective Older Ones) On Board

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Black Travel Box with Orion Helena Brown and Michelle Fox.

Black Travel Box

October 13, 2021

Wine Down Wednesday: Michelle Fox

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