#74: Is It Time To Ask For Help? with Kim Fuller

Feb 20, 2024
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It has been such an honor, joy, and privilege to host Nourish with Michelle Fox and build community with you! In the second to last show of this season, I want to ensure you know that I remain committed to building healthier communities.  Speaking of which, it would be a gift to have you in my email community so that we can keep in touch! 

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In today’s episode we navigate how the raw emotions of grief can be a transformative journey. We explore the facets of heartache with a licensed marriage and family therapist and life coach, Kim Fuller, as we delve into grief's complexities and the unexpected gifts it can bring. 

It is thrilling to introduce you to Kim, who has made it her mission to offer understanding for those struck with the loss of a loved one. You’ll hear some of her journey - from dealing with heartache to embracing the healing power of hope which may be key to your healing as well. 

Kim's goal is to "bring light to the shadows of grief" and guide others towards a life filled with hope, confidence, and new awareness. Treat yourself to this conversation as you learn new ways not just to survive - but to thrive as well!


Grieving the Empty Nest


It may have been a bit self-indulgent, but part of this episode felt like a free personal coaching session for a grieving journey I'm currently on! When we think of grief, the initial thought is often around death. However; I used this opportunity to discuss the grief of a relationship change…the impending departure of my daughter and bonus daughter who are soon leaving for college. I share my sense of loss, tinged with sadness, in the anticipation of an emptier nest. 

Kim helps to guide my thoughts and redirects my vision of what’s to come. If you’re a soon to be empty nester as well, I truly hope this conversation helps!


Transforming Grief Into Wisdom


Kim Fuller and I discuss how similar and how different our experiences have been with losing people in our lives. We talk about the feelings we experienced and how people around us may strive to be helpful, but their efforts (or lack thereof) can sometimes be difficult to manage. 

Kim urges us to tap into compassion and understanding each person’s unique grief journey, even if the person you lost is “the same” (a mother, a spouse, a friend, etc.). Kim also reinforces the effectiveness of mindful grieving. She recommends scheduling time for grieving, creating rituals, managing self-care, and being aware of "activators," or triggers, that may intensify grief.


Embracing the Gifts of Grief


Kim very gracefully enlightens us on the hidden gifts of grief: the ability to heal, evolve, enjoy life again, and an enhanced appreciation of life's fleeting nature. Grief can lead you to value your moments more deeply and seek joy in the present.

Loss doesn’t have to be a state of eternal gloom but it can be a process of transformation that can inevitably lead to a brighter sense of self and appreciation for life. I hope you have been encouraged by this episode and if you want more support, be sure to visit Kim Fuller’s website today. 



Highlights of this episode:

  • Michelle Fox expresses her continued commitment to building healthier communities and invites listeners to join her email community for updates, events, and workshops. The goal is to foster connection and support among women.
  • Kim Fuller helps Michelle talk through her emotions of becoming a soon-to-be empty nester. 
  • Kim discusses the devastating loss that ignited her passion to help guide others in their time of grief. 
  • Kim and Michelle discuss explicit ways to overcome the deep emotions you may be experiencing while still living your day-to-day life. 


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