#72: How To Build a Podcast

Feb 06, 2024
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In this episode…


I heard you were thinking about making your own podcast!? 

Well, you have come to the right place. This is such a fun and different episode as I take you behind the scenes of my podcasting journey. You already know me, Michelle Fox, the voice and vision behind the microphone, but today I am  thrilled to share with you the insights and experiences that shape our show. 

Our podcast team is a beautiful example of the community I speak of on the show! We are 3 women from different parts of the U.S., in different stages of life, different family make-ups, different backgrounds, etc.; however, we were joined together via the internet to create an amazing team!

I am joined by our Podcast Manager, Brittany McCray and Digital Marketing Assistant, Shirley Lin on this episode. Brittany recently transitioned her career from a teacher of 13 years to her new role as a Podcast Manager. She is also a wife and mother of two girls. 

Shirley Lin is a highly motivated, hard working college student with a very focused eye and a kind demeanor.  Today we give you a peek into the intricacies of podcast production and management, revealing the passion and precision that goes into every episode. You’ll also hear there’s a bit of a mix up on hosting today as well!! 

I hope you enjoy this episode and perhaps use this as the boost you’ve been waiting for to start your own podcasting journey!


The Backbone of Success: Structure and Organization

As you probably know, running your own business is a lot of work! Producing this podcast is a fun challenge as well. When you have a team working with you, it takes everything to another level. 

Thankfully, in this day and age, your team doesn’t have to be in the same space to work together. On our team we are actually in 3 different parts of the country. Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, we are able to communicate with each other as if we’re in the same room, which in turn ensures the podcast runs smoothly.

Brittany, with her editor's eye, appreciates the organized setup of our podcast. It allows our guests to comfortably share their stories, ensuring their messages resonate with our audience. 

We discuss how using an online tool called Asana keeps us all instantaneously  informed about anything that needs an update, or tasks that have been or need to be completed. This meticulous planning is not just about maintaining a smooth flow; it's about creating a reliable and engaging listener experience, week after week. 

Shirley shared how she uses Canva, a user-friendly graphic design tool, to bring our podcast's visual identity to life. With a palette of our brand colors and a style that resonates with our message, she infuses her creativity into each design, ensuring it stands out in the crowded podcast landscape. 


Nourishing the Mind and Body: The Personal Side of Podcasting

Podcasting is not just about the content we produce; it's also about the people behind it. As I introduce you all to Shirley,  you’ll hear how amazing she is as she juggles her college education and her role on our team. Brittany, a wife and a mother of two girls, is my podcast manager who ensures Nourish with Michelle Fox is ready for your listening ears on a weekly basis. 

We are a team of 3 busy, yet motivated women, who are extremely passionate about creating a safe space for other women who are searching for a place to have their minds, soul, and bodies nourished by the conversations we host. It was fun to hear some of the rituals we each have to ensure we are finding some self-care time for ourselves as well. For me, a relaxing bath is my reward for a week's hard work while Brittany plans to commit to drinking more water. Use this as a reminder that the simplest acts of self-care can have a profound impact on our well-being.


A Parting Note: Keep Nourishing Yourself

As we wrap up this episode, I want to encourage you to prioritize self-nourishment. It's a message that extends beyond the podcast, touching on the essence of what we do. We're not just creating content; we're building a community that values growth, health, and the joy of learning.

Thank you for joining me on this reflective journey. Whether you're a fellow podcaster, a dedicated listener, or simply curious about the world behind the microphone, I hope our experiences inspire you to find your voice and nourish your passions!

Until next time, keep tuning in, keep engaging, and most importantly, keep nourishing yourself in all aspects of your life!



Highlights of this episode:

  • Michelle shares how she built her team to create the Nourish with Michelle Fox podcast. 
  • Brittany McCray and Shirley Lin share their experiences of working with Michelle while also balancing their home lives. 
  • Michelle explains what got her on the podcasting journey and how things have changed since she started. 
  • All three women give insight and tips on what it means to be a part of the podcasting life while growing your own business at the same time.   


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