#70: Unlocking the Secrets to Sensual Pleasure with Amber Joy Simon

Jan 23, 2024
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In this episode…


You might need your headphones for this one! 😂 Today, I have the absolute pleasure of talking with Amber Joy Simon, a former HR executive turned CEO of QUIVR, a platform dedicated to sexual wellness and education. 

Our very spicy conversation discusses the importance of pursuing pleasure regardless of relationship status or age. Amber debunks some popular myths about sex and pleasure, we discuss the importance of consent, and she advises you on the importance of open communication in relationships in the face of changing hormones and physiological shifts. 

Amber also emphasizes the need for self-love, self-pleasure, and dispels taboos around female masturbation. We’re going to address the complexities faced by women during different stages of life, in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, as well as the importance of sexual education for both men and women. Be ready to expand your mind and be sure to visit QUIVR, as soon as you’re done listening!


Learning to Love and Enjoy Your Journey to Pleasure 

Let’s start with a powerful statement by Amber Joy Simon:  you do not need a partner to experience physical pleasure. Every single one of us has various avenues to explore pleasure solo, whether it's through the handful of pleasure-enhancing toys available in the market, or manual stimulation. She mentions erotica as a grand stage for exploring one's desires and preferences in the privacy of your own imagination. 

Amber Simon fundamentally refutes the notion that being single equates to giving up on pleasure! This type of thinking seriously undermines  your overall wellness. It is essential for every individual, single or not, to always recognize their entitlement to seek, obtain, and enjoy pleasure in the way that is most satisfying to them. 


Pleasure Education: A Critical Component to Understanding Our Bodies

News flash: experiencing physical pleasure isn't exclusively tied to achieving climax through sexual intimacy! Amber shares how pleasure can be found in nurturing your mind and body, crafting a fulfilling and enjoyable life for yourself. I shared my personal journey of navigating life after 40, where I encountered substantial hormonal changes that significantly transformed how my body functioned, including my sex life.

We all know our nutrition habits and certain foods affect our hormonal balance, changing our bodies in a plethora of ways; but it’s also time to start embracing the sexual changes and understanding pleasure necessity is also crucial. Seeking pleasure isn't limited to a particular group and, therefore, exploration should not have an "expiry date."

Lucky for us, we can all join Amber Joy Simon's online community, QUIVR, which stands as an inclusive online community dedicated to reshaping the landscape of sexual wellness and education. Using her wealth of corporate experience and personal journey into the realm of pleasure and intimacy education, women and men of all ages and situations are aided in navigating their sexual wellness journey. 


Navigating Partnered Pleasure

The conversation shifts when it comes to partnered pleasure. Having a partner doesn't mean you forfeit your unique experience of pleasure. Absolutely not! The key to exploring ways to enjoy intimacy and pleasure with a partner is…communication. Empathy is intrinsic to a healthy sexual relationship. It's about meeting pleasure where you are and understanding that everyone deserves it.

When changes in our physiological body occur, such as the onset of menopause, our sexual desires and pleasure methods might change, too. This situation calls for even more communication and understanding. For example, Amber discusses the misconception around female lubrication and arousal. Some people think that if a woman doesn't produce a lot of lubrication, it means she isn't turned on. But this simply is not the case, especially as a woman ages and her body changes. She has some great tips and advice to combat this issue, whether you’re dealing with it now or quite possibly in the future. 



Highlights of this episode:

  • Michelle Fox and Amber Joy share the benefits of choosing happiness and worthiness in your life. You deserve both!
  • Michelle offers insightful stories detailing her personal journey through sexuality, a path she has navigated alongside her husband Steve.
  • Amber Joy gives us some amazing insight into how becoming a part of her online inclusive community, QUIVR, puts you in the driver’s seat of your own sexual wellness journey.
  • Amber gives us some do’s and don’ts when it comes to what type of lubrication we should be using in the bedroom…or wherever you choose.


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