#50: You and Your Money with Jenn Uhen

Aug 22, 2023
Episode #50: You and Your Money with Jenn Uhen

In this episode…


I am joined by the wonderful Jenn Uhen, a mentor and advocate as well as founder of The Pledgettes! Her mission is to democratize financial literacy, build a supportive space for women to evolve their relationship with money, and create connections so no woman is going after her personal financial goals alone. 

Jenn and her husband have clear financial goals, which include a diverse portfolio of investment property, retirement accounts, and businesses. This is all while living a minimalist (but comfortable) lifestyle, including traveling the country in an Airstream.


Jenn’s Founding Story and Mission

In our conversation, Jenn shares her financial journey and talks about how she grew up in a family that openly talked about money. Then she met her husband and together they supported each other in their financial goals, slowly building their financial literacy and expanding their business ventures. However, feeling very isolated in her financial plans, Jenn started to talk to other women about money, and eventually founded The Pledgettes.


There is No Judgment

As we dive deeper into our respective practices, Jenn brings up the different reactions people have regarding openly talking about money. While some are very eager, others become defensive around the topic of finances. The same thing can be said about my experience with people’s attitude towards nutrition.

Jenn emphasizes that we are all on different paths, which are interconnected. The purpose of a coach is to ask where you are now, and where do you want to go? If you don’t want to change, that’s fine. You don’t have to. If you’re going to stick with the status quo, don’t be surprised if five, ten years from now you’re in the same place. However, you don’t have to feel guilty about not wanting to change. There is no shame or judgment there. For Jenn, she founded the Pledgettes as a result of wanting more financial friends and wanting to learn more about wealth-building.


Ways You Can Be Smart About Your Money

As our conversation continues, Jenn explains the practice of house-hacking, which is renting out part of your home. It is more space-efficient, sustainable, and cost-reducing. Jenn also reveals some of her and her husband’s side hustles such as property management, business building, and private coaching. 

Jenn states that she tries to be very intentional with how she spends her time, money, and energy. There is no such thing as a silly goal, and she does her best to take the word “should” out of conversations. For example, the decision to live in an Airstream was a nontraditional choice, but it brought her great joy. 

We both agree that life choices are typically seasonal and you can always be flexible with your goals.  You have the freedom of choice, and we encourage you to have the confidence to change lanes when you are ready!


Money Is Power

Jenn believes money at its core is about making choices, and at its highest level it is power. Everything you do has a ripple effect, and so Jenn encourages us to stand in our power. 

Community is power. Knowledge is power. Accountability is power. With our power, we can make the choices to help shape and contribute to healthier communities!


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Highlights of this episode:

  • Jenn breaks down how money and food are connected.
  • We talk about how our childhoods inform our present day financial decisions.
  • Jenn shares a road map for you to embark on your own financial freedom.
  • Our fabulous guest surprises me at the end with her own set of rapid-fire questions.


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