#51: How To Find More Time for Yourself with Michele Santo

Aug 29, 2023
Episode #51: How To Find More Time for Yourself with Michele Santo

In this episode…


The community has spoken! We are joined by Michele Santo, inspired Energy Healer, Writer, and EFT Practitioner for a repeat performance. You asked for more information about EFT tapping and we listened!

Michele helps women create more fulfilling relationships by asking for what they want. In our conversation, Michele emphasizes the importance of grounding ourselves in life. When we don’t clear our stress, our bodies stop working and/or we create disease in our bodies. Listen to this conversation to learn some new tools to manage your stress.


What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Michele describes EFT tapping as a method of regulating the nervous system by clearing our stress and assisting our energy flow. It is based on acupuncture where we are tapping on the same pressure points. 

The process, which involves talking about what annoys us, allows us to access the body and change certain aspects of our emotional state. According to Michele, tapping is an incredible way to release 40% of our anxiety in as fast as 10 minutes!


Women Feel Like They Don’t Have Enough Time

One of the main frustrations that I have heard from our community is that many women feel like they just do not have enough time to do ALL of the things on their lists. Michele responds by saying that yes, we are all programmed as women to take care of the family, but we have choices around how we show up in the world.

Michele advises us to look into areas of our lives where we may have “leaky boundaries.” For example, a question we can ask ourselves is “What is eating up all my time?” Feelings of frustration and resentment are good indicators that things need to change, so Michele encourages us to tap out the stress to rewire our thinking.


The Tapping Process

The amygdala is an almond-shaped part of the brain that is responsible for our fawn, flight or fight response. When you tap, you're actually deactivating that emotional charge. Essentially, you’re calming your nervous system so that you can make better decisions for yourself.

A helpful formula Michele suggests is to write out all of your frustrations, then stick with one issue at a time. Tap through each of them. Once you naturally get into action mode, you will start finding magical solutions.

To listen to our previous conversation, head over to Episode #42 for more tools to ease your stress!

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Highlights of this episode:

  • The episode starts with Michele leading us through a beautiful meditation.  Save this episode so you can listen over and over again!
  • Michele takes me through a mini tapping session where I discuss my personal frustrations and resentment about not having enough time.
  • We discuss the ways tapping can help us manage our stress.
  • Listen as Michele brings my 8 level stress down to a 4!


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