Episode 70: Unlocking the Secrets to Sensual Pleasure with Amber Joy Simon

You might need your headphones for this one! 😂 Today, I have the absolute pleasure of talking with Amber Joy Simon, a former HR executive turned CEO of QUIVR, a platform dedicated to sexual wellness and education. 

Our very spicy conversation discusses the importance of pursuing pleasure regardless of relationship status or age. Amber debunks some popular myths about sex and pleasure, we discuss the importance of consent, and she advises you on the importance of open communication in relationships in the face of changing hormones and physiological shifts. 

Amber also emphasizes the need for self-love, self-pleasure, and dispels taboos around female masturbation. We’re going to address the complexities faced by women during different stages of life, in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, as well as the importance of sexual education for both men and women. Be ready to expand your mind and be sure to visit QUIVR, as soon as you’re done listening!


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