#53: Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary!

Sep 12, 2023
Episode #53: Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary

In this episode…


Can you believe that it's been a whole year since we embarked on this incredible podcast journey together!?!

Today, we are celebrating a milestone that fills my heart with immense gratitude and joy!

As we mark the first anniversary of Nourish with Michelle Fox, I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you – our phenomenal guests, our dedicated listeners, and our vibrant community who have made this journey so remarkable!

Our podcast wouldn't be the same without the incredible guests who've shared their wisdom, insights, and stories with us. Your expertise has enlightened us, inspired us, and brought us closer to our mission of creating healthier communities.

To our dedicated listeners, you are truly the heartbeat of Nourish.  Your support, feedback, and engagement have propelled us forward, encouraging us to explore nutrition, mindset, fitness, menopause, and more with enthusiasm and curiosity!

And to our fantastic community - you inspire us every day with your resilience, your commitment to well-being, and your zest for life!  Together, we are rewriting the narrative of what it means to thrive during this stage of life.

As we look back on this incredible year, filled with thought-provoking conversations, laughter, and moments of growth, I want you to know that it's all because of YOU. Your trust, your presence, and your passion have fueled Nourish, making it a safe place to explore.

So, let's raise a virtual toast (sparkling water in a wine glass anyone?) to our first year together! 🥂 Thank you for being part of this amazing journey!  As we continue to nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits, I can't wait to see what the future holds for this community!


Here are some of our top episodes, from the past year, that are highlighted in this week’s recording.  Come back next week to hear five more!



1. Jennifer Roth

Episode #11: “Mindset and Mantras for Intentional Nutrition”

Let's kickstart this celebration with none other than Jennifer Roth, the brilliant mind behind Bird and Bees Teas! 

Jennifer, a true visionary, has dedicated herself to promoting the essential values of connection and well-being.  She's not only a beacon of inspiration but also a guiding light for professionals and entrepreneurs, helping them discover their path forward and make purposeful decisions. 

In this captivating episode, Jennifer shares her profound passion for fostering meaningful connections, nurturing health, and working alongside ambitious individuals like you! 

Tune in as she unveils the secrets to finding your "lights-on" steps and empowering yourself to make intentional choices that can transform your life.  Get ready to be inspired and motivated by Jennifer's wisdom and insights. 


2. Kadija Taylor

Episode #28: “Color Psychology in YOUR Kitchen”

In this exciting episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my dear friend, Kadija Taylor. Kadija is not only a close friend but also an expert in color psychology, and she brought her valuable insights to our conversation.

During our chat, Kadija delved into the fascinating world of color psychology and how it can significantly impact the ambiance of our kitchen spaces. She generously shared her expert tips on decluttering and customizing kitchen designs, emphasizing how elements like lighting temperature and carefully chosen color palettes can play a pivotal role in shaping the emotions and atmosphere of our kitchens. 

The result? A kitchen that exudes positivity, happiness, and promotes overall well-being. Kadija's wisdom in this episode will undoubtedly inspire you to transform your kitchen into a happier and healthier space!


3. Jenn Uhen

Episode #50: “You and Your Money”

In this enlightening episode, we had the pleasure of welcoming the remarkable Jenn Uhen to the podcast. Jenn is not only a mentor and advocate but also the visionary founder of The Pledgettes.

During our conversation, Jenn shared her profound insights on the intriguing relationship between finances and nutrition. She artfully dissected how money and food are intricately connected, shedding light on the hidden dynamics at play. Moreover, Jenn generously offered valuable strategies for making savvy financial choices while providing a clear roadmap for individuals to embark on their journey towards financial freedom.

This episode with Jenn Uhen is a treasure trove of wisdom that will empower you to make informed decisions about your finances while setting you on the path to achieving your own financial independence!

4. Meghan Telpner

Episode #43: “How to Persevere in the Face of Uncertainty (in life, health, and business)”

In this thought-provoking episode, I had the privilege of hosting the esteemed Meghan Telpner. Together, we delved deep into the art of navigating uncertainty, a skill that has become increasingly vital in our rapidly changing world.

During our conversation, Meghan graciously shared her personal journey towards newfound freedom and offered profound insights into the art of cultivating resilience. Her wisdom shone through as she emphasized key strategies for thriving in uncertain times. Meghan underscored the significance of maintaining a positive outlook, the power of self-care, and the importance of embracing adaptability as essential tools on the path to resilience.

This episode with Meghan is a true gem, offering invaluable guidance on how to not only survive but thrive in the face of uncertainty. It's a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and permission to make new choices.


5. Brenda Rigney

Episode #20: “How to Take Massive Action Towards Your Goals”

In this engaging episode, I had the privilege of sitting down with Brenda Rigney, an accomplished business and leadership coach who specializes in guiding leaders and startup entrepreneurs towards success.

During our conversation, Brenda introduced us to the intriguing concept of #3UNIQUES, shedding light on her unique approach to coaching and the extraordinary ways in which she supports her clients on their journeys. 

Our discussion didn't stop there; we also delved into the essential topic of setting healthy boundaries and the art of taking actionable steps toward achieving our goals. Brenda's expertise in these areas provided valuable insights that can empower anyone seeking to excel in their professional endeavors.

This episode with Brenda is a wellspring of wisdom, offering actionable advice and a fresh perspective on leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. It's a must-listen for those looking to elevate their game and find new avenues to success!


So much wisdom! If Nourish continues to inspire you, and you would love to support us further, then please share this podcast with others! 

Let’s keep the party going - come back next week for part 2!  We would also love to hear from you!  Leave a voicemail at 720-258-6372 and let us know how the show has impacted your life or if a certain conversation holds meaning for you.


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