#55: Creative Ways To Make More Money with Cheryl Phan

Sep 26, 2023
Episode #55: Creative Ways To Make More Money

In this episode…


Welcome Cheryl Phan to our show! Cheryl's professional journey started in the fast-paced world of radio and TV sales. She excelled at finding unconventional revenue sources for media companies and generated over a million dollars in sales. However, the corporate grind took its toll, and Cheryl decided to follow her true passion: decorative painting.

Starting her own decorative painting business marked a significant transformation in Cheryl's life. She poured her heart and soul into her new venture, she worked hard to improve her skills and was able to achieve success she never saw coming! As her business grew, she began to attract attention and requests for advice from others in similar situations. This led Cheryl to explore coaching and mentoring, particularly for women and small business owners.


Empowering Others: Cheryl's Dedication to Financial Freedom 

During our conversation, Cheryl explains how she was able to innovate and expand her business while creating multiple streams of income. This has allowed her the opportunity to have what we’re all striving for: financial and time freedom! 

Thankfully for us, she has picked up a new love in coaching and mentoring others, especially women and small business owners.  Using the creation of her coaching program, "Empowering Women," she now empowers women with the tools they need to achieve their own financial independence. 


Inspiring Success Stories: Turning Hobbies into Income Streams

As we continued to learn about Cheryl’s life journey, she shared with us exactly how she helps women of all ages identify their hidden talents and turn them into lucrative businesses. 

She shared inspiring stories of students who successfully launched businesses in various fields, such as painting, organizing, and dog sitting! Cheryl's coaching isn't limited by age; she firmly believes that anyone can embark on an entrepreneurial journey, regardless of their number of years on this planet.

She reminds us that we should never let age or self-doubt hold us back from pursuing our dreams. We can all enjoy the financial and time freedom we deserve. So, now is the time for you to take that leap, embrace your talents, and start your journey toward financial freedom as well!


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Highlights of this episode:

  • Cheryl explains that the corporate lifestyle wasn’t all she thought it would be and tells us how she changed it
  • Cheryl shares her method of turning hobbies into profit
  • We learn tips for creating interior design masterpieces for anyone’s budget
  • Our conversation reveals how to overcome social media woes


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