Episode 72: How To Build a Podcast

I heard you were thinking about making your own podcast!? 

Well, you have come to the right place. This is such a fun and different episode as I take you behind the scenes of my podcasting journey. You already know me, Michelle Fox, the voice and vision behind the microphone, but today I am  thrilled to share with you the insights and experiences that shape our show. 

Our podcast team is a beautiful example of the community I speak of on the show! We are 3 women from different parts of the U.S., in different stages of life, different family make-ups, different backgrounds, etc.; however, we were joined together via the internet to create an amazing team!

I am joined by our Podcast Manager, Brittany McCray and Digital Marketing Assistant, Shirley Lin on this episode. Brittany recently transitioned her career from a teacher of 13 years to her new role as a Podcast Manager. She is also a wife and mother of two girls. 

Shirley Lin is a highly motivated, hard working college student with a very focused eye and a kind demeanor.  Today we give you a peek into the intricacies of podcast production and management, revealing the passion and precision that goes into every episode. You’ll also hear there’s a bit of a mix up on hosting today as well!! 

I hope you enjoy this episode and perhaps use this as the boost you’ve been waiting for to start your own podcasting journey!


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