#46: Why Branding Is More Than A Logo with Mallika Malhotra

Jul 25, 2023
Episode 46: Why Branding Is More Than A Logo With Mallika Malhotra

In this episode…


In an enlightening conversation, I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with none other than the esteemed personal branding expert, Mallika Malhotra. Together, we delved into the realm of personal branding, unearthing a treasure trove of invaluable insights to help you master the art of building your own unique brand. 


As the discussion unfolds, Mallika and I chat about powerful considerations to transcend a saturated market, empowering you to rise above the noise and leave an indelible mark. In this podcast episode, we debunk the common misconception that branding is merely about a logo, unlocking the true essence of why you want to pay attention to your personal brand. 


A Compelling Story: We All Need Personal Branding

Throughout our engaging conversation, Mallika emphasizes crafting a powerful narrative that showcases your expertise and values. Aligning yourself with a mission and passionate cause will connect your brand even more with the audience you seek. It is important to focus on the soul of the brand. Whether you are an entrepreneur or work in a corporation, your personal branding matters! 


Self-Discovery and Confidence

Discovering and developing your personal brand hinges on understanding what sets you apart from others, a process vital to achieving an authentic and compelling identity. Embracing your unique qualities and strengths fosters self-discovery and confidence, ultimately empowering you to stand out!  Mallika Malhotra, plays a pivotal role in guiding individuals on this transformative journey.

With a wealth of experience in personal branding, Mallika serves as a beacon of knowledge, helping aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals navigate the path towards brand distinction. Her insights illuminate the importance of a well-defined niche, encouraging individuals to tap into their true passions and talents. 

In our lively discussion, we delve deep into the essence of personal branding, moving beyond surface-level elements like logos. Instead, we explore the power of crafting an authentic narrative that encapsulates who you are at your core. With Mallika's guidance, you'll uncover the key elements that make your brand unique, giving you the confidence to stand out and make a lasting impact in your market.


The Balance Between Authenticity and Visibility

Mallika and I also discuss the authenticity aspect of branding. Mallika explains that branding is more than vanity metrics and does not necessarily require you to constantly be on social media. 

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Highlights of this episode:

  • Mallika helps Michelle understand an encounter where she was hailed as a “celebrity.” 
  • Mallika shares her superpower.
  • Mallika breaks down the importance of your personal brand whether you are a corporate employee or an entrepreneur.
  • We talk about how to stand out in a saturated market.


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