Episode 3: Whole Person Health with Finance Coach Teri Slater

Oh my goodness!  I am so excited to share my friend with you:  Teri Slater. 


She is a financial coach who helps you clarify your goals and priorities, then helps you align your daily spending decisions to reach those goals while still having the freedom to spend on what you value. My kind of human!


Teri understands that even if you know what to do with money, human behavior can derail progress. We know this happens with nutrition as well. With a finance degree and a career helping others with money, Teri and her ex-husband previously accumulated over $200,000 dollars in debt - yes that's five zeros in debt. It took six years and a lot of self-work to pay it all off and shift to a mindset that focused on financial freedom.


Teri's life experiences and commitment to personal growth have given her the ability to listen without judgment and help her clients achieve their goals. I can't wait for you to hear this conversation!  Listen in to learn tools to help you feel empowered around your money.


Highlights of our conversation:

  • The difference between a financial coach and a financial advisor

  • Quick tips to empower your financial choices

  • Tools to gain control over your spending

  • Budgeting vs. money tracking


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