Want a community to champion your health goals?


This is could be YOUR new home for increased energy, balanced hormones, and the support to keep you on track.

Let's Talk About Who This is For...


You are a busy professional who often comes second to your to-do list.

There is a good chance you have also joined one of Michelle's circles in the past and now desire more long-term support.


Whether You’re…

  • An Entrepreneur who puts her biz first and body second

  • Mom who is ready to become the priority in her life

  • A Professional who wants to feel more confident in her body 


You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how NOURISH - The Membership will provide you with inspiration, group support and the tools you’ve been seeking to finally have long-term success with a body and a life you love.

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When joining this circle, you will…


  • Learn how to increase your energy.

  • Discover a new confidence in your food choices.

  • Gain a new support system and make new friends.

  • Explore how to balance your hormones.

  • Discover new pleasures.

  • Finally have success with your health goals.

  • Cultivate a higher appreciation for your body.

"I started seeing more progress, just from eating cleaner. 

Thank you thank you thank you! I am so grateful." 

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Rev. Regina Groff


What’s Inside Of Your Membership...

Monthly Group Coaching with Michelle

  • All sessions will be on Zoom
  • Recordings will be uploaded to your private portal
  • There will be a new theme each month

Facebook Community

  • An opportunity to share health-supportive recipes
  • Weekly check-ins to keep you on track
  • Access to your new support system

Private Portal of Resources

  • All of your resources in one place
  • Easy organization of recipes
  • Lifetime access to videos and pdf downloads

Beautiful Kale Yeah! Tee

(included for annual members)

"Today my skin looks brighter, and my pants are looser!"

~ Mindee Olive-Saulsby

"I was familiar with so many of the concepts but thought they were initially too restrictive. Your lessons broke it down in a way that made adoption easier."

~ Jay Mangrum-Thomas

"Salmon and broccolini tonight. No juice and no dessert. I can feel the sexy coming back."  

~ Michael Johnson 

Frequently Asked Questions

Top questions your fellow students asked before enrolling:

Still thinking about it?




is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You are feeling stuck
  2. You are frustrated with the recent changes in your hormones
  3. You are ready to be supported on your health journey
  4. You think you may be addicted to sugar
  5. You want some accountability
  6. You feel overwhelmed when it comes to nutrition
  7. You are ready to take action

About my story...


I so look forward to getting to know YOU!


Community is the #1 value in my business.  I literally wake up every morning thinking about how to increase the health of those around me.  That is why I created this membership.

There is a unique magic that occurs with every group we assemble.  You truly have to experience it to understand.  

You are in the right place if you are feeling stuck, ready for support on your health journey, and are ready to take action.  Join us for a few months or commit to the year.  This space is for you!

The opportunity is risk-free and I would love to have you join this incredible circle.  You deserve to be supported on your journey!


All my love,



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