6 Week Group Coaching Program

Through the Power of Nutrition

Before I tell you about this life-changing program,


Let's Talk About Who This is Really For...


You are a busy professional who often comes second to your to-do list. You are craving an easy button, but know deep down that it is time to do what it takes to feel good in your body.


Whether You’re…

  • An Entrepreneur who puts her biz first and body second

  • Mom who is ready to become the priority in her life

  • A Professional who wants to feel more confident in her body - especially this summer


You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how Healthy Sexy Group Coaching will provide you with inspiration, group support and the tools you’ve been seeking to finally have a body and a life you love.

 By the end of this program, you will have…


  • More energy than you thought was possible.

  • More confidence in your food choices.

  • A new support system.

  • An understanding of your hormonal profile.

  • Newly discovered pleasures.

  • solid plan to succeed with your health goals.

  • An appreciation of your body.

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"Michelle is truly passionate about ensuring optimal results and over-delivers in her coaching. She helped me identify a potential health challenge in time to address it, naturally.  She created a real sense of community with all the participants and encouraged us to support each other." 

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Rhoda Johnson, Image Brand Strategist


"My palate is rejecting high sugar and sodium foods, yay! My discipline is escalating. Legs are getting firmer. Thank you for helping me get my flair back!" 

~ Lea Porter
"I have nothing but praise and gratitude to Michelle and the Healthy Sexy program. Before I started my journey of eating to help my hormones, I ate what I wanted whenever I wanted and then paid the price through a bloated stomach and sluggish energy. I didn't fully appreciate the impact my food choices were having on my well-being! Michelle specializes in nutrition and was exactly who I needed to see. She is realistic in her approach and has guided me to analyze my own eating habits, so that through her knowledge and inspiration, I myself have figured ways to help me reach my goal."
~ Melissa Wright
"I just want to say that this group is so awesome!!! I love to read everybody's successes and even their struggles. I'm going through a lot of the same as everyone else. Michelle you are the absolute best and thank you so much for putting this together and for always keeping us motivated."  
~ Josh Andree

About my story...

  1. You are feeling stuck
  2. You are frustrated with the recent changes in your hormones
  3. You are ready to be supported on your health journey
  4. You think you may be addicted to sugar
  5. You want some accountability
  6. You feel overwhelmed when it comes to nutrition
  7. You are ready to take action

I can’t wait for you to join us!


Community is the #1 value in my business.  I literally wake up every morning thinking about how to increase the health of those around me.  That is why I created this group coaching program.

There is a unique magic that occurs with every group we assemble.  You truly have to experience it to understand.  

You are in the right place if you are feeling stuck, ready for support on your health journey, and are ready to take action.

This opportunity is risk free and I would love to have you join this incredible circle.  You deserve to feel healthy AND sexy in your skin!

All my love,