Easy-To-Peel Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Jun 05, 2022

Are you a rule follower?


I am.


Like to the point that it doesn’t always make sense.  


My parents grew up in El Paso, Texas, so there have been a lot of road trips from Denver over the years.  On the most recent trip I noticed that in a really small town along the way, where there were NO other cars in sight, I put the car blinkers on to signal that I was turning left.  


Did I mention there were no other cars in sight?  


I can’t help it.  


Part of this behavior comes from habit, but I think a deeper part is to calm my nervous system.  Life feels a bit safer when I understand the rules.  


So imagine my excitement when I learned how to make the most amazing easty-to-peel hard boiled eggs in an Instant Pot.  It comes with rules!


Here is a simple recipe I hope you try: 




Hard boiled eggs are an amazing source of protein and an easy to grab snack.  This, of course, is only for my friends who do not have a food allergy to eggs.  Let me know if you do and we can chat about some alternative sources of protein and also some healthier ideas for egg replacements in baking.


I know you are busy, so let's make this an easy item on your list. Make 6 - 8 eggs over the weekend and it’s one less thing to prepare during your workweek.  


As a Culinary Nutritionist and Health Coach, I often talk about our need for protein, fiber and healthy fat to support our brains and to maintain our energy.  We are also able to balance our hormones (hello menopause) and increase our energy when we follow these rules.


Looking for more gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free snacks?  Click here for a few of my suggestions.  This list includes some options for my vegan friends as well.


“Studies show protein-rich breakfasts can improve satiety and reduce evening snacking,” Dr. Mark Hyman says. “Another showed a protein-rich breakfast helps reduce your hunger hormone ghrelin and increase cholecystekinin, which signals your brain to stop eating. Protein-rich foods like eggs, nut butters, or a protein shake steady blood sugar and reduce metabolic fluctuations later in the day.”


“After decades of avoiding eggs because we were told that cholesterol caused heart attacks, the 2015 US Dietary Guidelines officially exonerated them, finding no link between dietary cholesterol and heart disease,” writes Hyman. “Now eggs are a health food.”


Cholesterol is essential. It’s what we make vitamin D (aka the sunshine nutriment) from and hormones like estrogen and testosterone. 


Now the question:  Does it matter if my eggs come from caged chickens or pastured chickens? 


Kale yeah it matters!


Choosing eggs from pastured chickens is not only more humane, but this article from the Cambridge University Press explains that pastured eggs are richer in vitamins A and E, as well as in omega-3 fatty acids.  This is great news for our brain health!


So whether or not you are a rule follower, I sincerely hope you find new and fun ways to get more protein in your diet.  Your brain will thank you!


Click here for more healthy snack recipes!

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