Episode 18: One Of The Biggest Dangers In Your Home and How To Fix It with Andrea Bazoin

Andrea Bazoin is a human resilience activator, working with individuals and teams to identify and dismantle the practical and personal barriers that keep them from thriving in our ever-accelerating future. She joins me on this episode to help us to talk about reducing your toxic load.


Andrea is the founder of Share Oils With Us - an inclusive community of people who desire to leverage the pure power of plants to support health and wellness while uplifting the lives of those who supply the products we use.


Highlights of this episode:

  • We share the story of how we met in Costa Rica
  • We discuss indoor pollution and the harmful effects of chemicals in fragrances 
  • Andrea shares simple products (with amazing cleansing properties) that she keeps in her home
  • Andrea gives us her homemade dry shampoo recipe
  • Andrea reveals the magic behind essential oils


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