Watermelon Strawberry Mint Popsicles!

Jun 21, 2021

I made this video for you!


Actually, my super cool bonus son, Oliver, and I made this video for you.  


These Watermelon Strawberry Mint Popsicles are a hit with him - sweet and delicious - and a hit with me - healthy and nutritious.


It is summer. 


It is hot. 


These are keeping us cool today.



You know I cannot leave you without sharing some nutrition nuggets. These popsicles provide the following benefits:

Watermelon - provides potassium to improve heart health, it is loaded with antioxidants and has ample Vitamin C to alleviate allergies.

Apples - good source of soluble fiber which can help lower cholesterol, helps to protect our bone health and contains quercetin that may help prevent Alzheimer's.

Strawberries - loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C!

Mint - calms and relaxes the whole digestive tract and adds a delicious punch of flavor.

Bonus points if you find any of these ingredients at your local Farmer's Market!



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