Soup Is Good For The Soul!

Mar 06, 2021
Michelle Fox is holding a carrot and looking at vegetables on her counter.

Fighting allergies has been my reality this week: mine and my daughter’s. Co-workers have complained of similar symptoms, so I blame the drastic weather changes. One of my secrets to rapid allergy relief is soup! It is not only good for your body, but it is good for your soul.


The recipe below can be tailored to any taste and texture preference. I LOVE a good pureed soup. My husband? Not so much. Steve prefers more of a stew consistency. Lucky for you, this one can be made either way.


For my fellow lazy friends, feel free to coarsely chop the veggies and plan to blend your soup. For the stewy or chunky version, you may consider chopping delightfully bite-sized pieces. You know this girl is going for the former!


Every good soup has a healthy fat, salt, and root veggie (like carrots or potatoes) as a base. This recipe allows and definitely encourages you to create a nutritional masterpiece of your own. Feel free to remove the garlic, add red peppers, pop in a chopped jalapeño, and/or include some red potatoes. 


Let me know if you try this soup. I would love to see how you customize yours. Cheers to increasing health and a very short allergy season, wink wink!



All my love,


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