Pistachio Dreams Smoothie!

May 31, 2021
photo of pistachio pudding topped with crushed pistachios

When I was a kid, you would often catch me in the mud making different concoctions.  I heard that mud was good for your skin, so I subjected my sister and brother to quite a few “spa days.”  I knew the dirt was good for worms, so I made mud pies for them to eat.  I even pretended that mud was good for humans to eat so I added grass, sticks, and colorful flower petals to my pot.  You’ll never know if I actually tasted my creations.  Ha!


What I am getting at is that creating new things, real and pretend, has been my passion since I was very young.  Creating new recipes that bring health and joy to my community has been a lifelong dream. 


I am doing somersaults over here as I am overjoyed to share my Pistachio Dreams Smoothie with you!  



My father was a bit obsessed with pistachios, so I feel lucky to have grown up with their delicious flavor profile and brain-supportive nutrients.  I also feel like Dad may have sent me this recipe from the other side as an angel wink to make me smile.  There are no pistachios in this recipe, and yet it tastes like the yummiest pistachio pudding I have ever had.


You could easily make this recipe using pistachios instead of almond butter.  I would recommend using a high-speed blender and/or soaking them in water (for about 30 minutes) to soften them first.  Oh, and definitely use the unsalted version so you get to keep the sweetness in your smoothie.


Here are some of the nutrients you get in each glorious sip:




Brain supportive healthy fat


Vitamin C






Let me know what you think!


All my love,


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