Oatmeal protein breakfast - please eat cold!

Oct 12, 2017
Glass jar filled with oatmeal and topped with berries.

There's a funny story that goes along with this one. A co-worker gave me this recipe early this year. I've been making it almost daily for my partner. Acts of Service is one of his love languages, AND he happens to crave this one, so I'm happy to oblige. We love this one so much that we are NEVER without the ingredients in our home.


When I find a gem, it is my nature to share it with others. My brother is a health-conscious guy who runs a financial services practice here in Denver. I thought he would appreciate this breakfast (did I mention my man LOVES this one?) delivery during tax season.


My valiant effort turned into a BIG disappointment as I forgot to tell him this was a COLD meal. He put his jar in the microwave to warm it up, and apparently, I ruined his morning. Oops! The funnier part to me is that we didn't get a chance to communicate about it until three months later. We both got a good laugh out of it, and he is also a big fan now that he's eating it cold.


If you missed it, please eat this one cold. It is delicious! It is packed with protein to keep your blood sugar balanced.


I typically use the ingredients below, but you can play with different add-ins once you get used to the recipe.




Prepping two jars at a time helps prevent 1/2 a banana from going bad. The finished product still tastes fresh 3 - 4 days after making it.


My State of Slim (SOS) friends may be looking at me sideways as this is NOT Phase 1 or Phase 2 friendly. I'm looking forward to learning if we get to add bananas to Phase 3. I'll keep you posted! When I'm in the mood for this one, I make something similar:




Yum! The SOS diet allows the PB2 powder, but the sugar content is too high for me right now.


Let me know if you have a twist on this one. I'm always up for trying new recipes.


Cheers to our health,


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