Crispy Gluten-Free Orange Sesame Chicken over Cauli Rice

Sep 11, 2021
Crispy gluten-free chicken with green onion

According to my daughter, this Crispy Gluten-Free Orange Sesame Chicken over Cauli Rice tastes best if Grandma makes it. Excuse me? It is a recipe that I created. Doesn’t matter.  Grandma makes it better.


So here we go…


First prep the Cauli Rice. 

Use the pulse feature on your food processor or blender. If you have neither, take your time and chop the cauliflower into tiny pieces with a knife. Cook it before the chicken or while the meat is simmering.


You may use “regular” rice for this meal, but the cauliflower is super low on the glycemic index and will not affect your blood sugar the way grains do. If pulsed/chopped just right, the texture of your Cauli Rice will still taste like the other stuff, so you will not feel like you are missing out. Big bonus? Cauliflower is LOADED with Vitamin C. It is the perfect food to help build and support your immune system.




Next step - the chicken!

With this dish, I do not love that the hoisin sauce contains sugar. It is a small amount, however, in comparison to the rest of the meal. The hoisin sauce gives the cubed chicken such a magical flavor that consuming a little bit of sugar is worth it!


In this part of the meal, we are consuming more Vitamin C from the orange zest and the orange juice. The sesame seeds contain sesamin which is high in anti-oxidants and great to support healthy levels of cholesterol in our bodies. Lastly, arrowroot flour is an awesome ingredient to make the chicken crispy without adding any inflammatory properties.




Crispy Gluten-Free Orange Sesame Chicken over Cauli Rice is a favorite in my home, even when Grandma is not around. I hope you come to love it as well.


Let me know if you try this one! Also, come join my email community where I share even more recipes and some culinary nutrition inspiration.


All my love!


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