Eating to Heal Menopause

Oct 13, 2020
Up close photo of salted roasted almonds in the oven.

Yes, I have reached another golden moment in life: menopause!


Surgery removed my uterus, but it did not take away my curiosity. I have been on a two-year journey to find ways to nourish and heal my “new” body. I am now eating to heal menopause and I’d like to share a few of my findings.


Chaste tree has been a lifesaver for me. When I run out of the supplement, I often get night sweats. Ugghh! If you are curious to try for yourself, I highly recommend talking to your OB/GYN and/or your naturopathic healer. We all have different needs for our bodies.


Maca Powder has been another angel for me. I typically put one teaspoon of this nutrient-rich powder in my morning smoothies. I have found that I feel more relaxed on the mornings that I ingest it. My moods feel more balanced as well.


I eat almonds and avocados to balance my blood sugar. A fun bonus is that I get plenty of fiber, protein, and phytoestrogens (which also ward off breast cancer).


Olive oil, according to Dr. Anna Cabeca, can help improve your body shape – less body fat and more toned curves. I can attest that I have lost a little over 10 pounds since I increased my healthy fat consumption. Ghee in my morning tea? Yes, please! Coconut oil is also at the top of the healthy fats list - anti-microbial and thoroughly delicious!


These are just a few foods that I have found to be healing for my menopausal symptoms. Here are two recipes I use to incorporate these healing goodies into my diet. Every single ingredient is health-promoting. Also, every single ingredient is worth enjoying even if you have nothing to do with menopause (I'm talking to you male humans and to you spring chickens).





I promise to post more soon. In addition to my full-time finance career and trying to be present with my family, I have recently enrolled in SCHOOL! It has been a thrilling adventure to join the Certified Nutrition Expert program at The Academy of Culinary Nutrition. It is a dream come true as I learn something new - daily - about healing through nutrition.


As usual, I will share what I can so you can join the adventure too. Let me know in the comments if you try these recipes.




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