Cauli Ginger Salmon & Magical Kale Salad

Mar 17, 2021
Salmon fillet next to head of kale and a bowl of mashed cauliflower.

Michelle Fox AARPWe had a lot of fun cooking with AARP in early February! Also, I am excited to announce that we are under contract for six more workshops this year with this fabulous association. Please check out the events page for calendar reminders and more information. You do not have to be over 50 to join us!


The series for this year is Eating for More Energy. Do I have your attention? Who doesn’t want more energy these days? A lot of us are working from home and not getting a lot of outside stimulation. This can cause a drag on our vitality. Sitting around and eating “comfort food” can sap our spirit as well.


This Cauli Ginger Salmon & Magical Kale Salad meal is a happy medium. It tastes like comfort food to me, and yet it is LOADED with Vitamin C (boosts antioxidant levels), Vitamin K (supports bone health), and iron (helps move oxygen through the body), among other nutrients. Every bite will help you increase your energy and balance your moods.



Let me know if you try any of these. I hope this meal brings comfort and more energy to your world!


All my love,



PS:  Spring is around the corner, and the days should start to feel lighter. In the meantime, it still feels like there is a bit of heaviness in the air. I find that gratitude helps to keep me above the darkness. I am grateful for you and this beautiful community of health-seekers. What are you grateful for?

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