#7: Easy Breakfast For The Busy Professional with Barbara Brooks

Oct 25, 2022
Barbara Brooks smiling on the left and Michelle Fox holding green veggies on the right.

In this episode…

Today we are talking about Breakfast for the Busy Professional with my friend Barbara Brooks.  Tune in to learn Barbara's entrepreneurial journey, her passion for uplifting women over 40, and some fun memories she shared from her childhood.

You are busy, but that does not mean your nutrition should suffer.  Learn my take on breakfast and how to incorporate healthier ingredients in your meals.

We are in the kitchen making my Fiesta Frittatas in this episode.  Slide into my DM's on Instagram and let me know when you make them!



Highlights of our conversation:

  • Barbara shares her journey to founding SecondAct|Women.
  • We chat about why breakfast is not necessarily the most important meal of the day.
  • We cooked a quick meal that could possibly be your next breakfast.


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