#56: Food Is Medicine with Dr. Shayla Nettey and Dr. Antoinette Williams

Oct 03, 2023
Episode #56: Food Is Medicine with Dr. Shayla Nettey and Dr. Antoinette Williams

In this episode…


You’re in for a treat on this episode as I have an incredible conversation with Dr. Shayla Nettey and Dr. Antoinette Williams MD, MSPH, two medical professionals passionate about using food as medicine. Dr. Shayla is a board-certified Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine physician and Dr. Antoinette works as a board certified General Public Health and Preventive Medicine physician. 

These two amazing women partnered up as co-founders of Cooking on Purpose Health, a virtual preventative and obesity medicine practice with a lifestyle medicine focus.  They are working tirelessly to bring food as medicine to our communities in a world where convenience is often prioritized over nutrition. 

As the conversation unfolds, we discuss how easy it is to forget the importance of nutrition as we’re navigating all of the responsibilities of our days. However, our health should never take a backseat! We deserve to thrive in a body we love, and that's exactly what we explore today.


Relationships and Empowerment

During our conversation we discussed how common it is for many individuals to use food as a coping mechanism for stress. Dr. Shayla and Dr. Antoinette provide practical strategies for breaking this cycle. The doctors emphasize the importance of addressing stress holistically, including factors like sleep and stress-coping techniques. Another focus is on promoting variety in diets, encouraging women to explore a wide range of fruits and vegetables while breaking down the barriers to trying new things in the kitchen.


Cooking for Pleasure and Health

Dr. Shayla kicks off the conversation by sharing her love for cooking and eating. She highlights a remarkable aspect of culinary exploration—once you start making your own meals, restaurant food can become less appealing. The flavors you create at home are unique, and you become more discerning about the quality of the dishes you encounter in restaurants. This revelation, as Dr. Shayla describes it, takes away the pull of fast food and convenience eating. The disappointment of a mediocre meal at a restaurant becomes a reminder that you could have prepared a better, healthier meal at home in less time and at a lower cost.


Progress not Perfection

Cooking on Purpose Health is actively involved in the community. By visiting the website, you can sign up for a free consultation and explore individualized plans for better health. The website also offers starter kits and information on group cooking sessions. The founders stress the importance of small, consistent steps toward better health while encouraging everyone to embark on their unique journey toward wellness. Dr. Shayla reminds us that progress, not perfection, is the key to a healthier lifestyle. Small, intentional steps can lead to transformative results, and the journey toward better health is always worth taking!


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Highlights of this episode:

  • Dr. Shayla and Dr. Antoinette share how an interest in preventive medicine and lifestyle medicine brought them together.
  • Dr. Shayla reveals how a powerful experience involving her daughter led her to completely change her mindset about food and nutrition.
  • We talk about how food education is essential to becoming our best selves, no matter your age.
  • The doctors share how they are taking immediate action to build healthier communities.


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