#45: Are You Sober Curious? with Steve Black aka Hot Husband

Jul 18, 2023
Episode 45: Are You Sober Curious? with Steve Black aka Hot Husband

In this episode…


We’ve got a replay from last October and I am excited to repost as we will soon be celebrating Steve’s (aka Hot Husband) 2 year sober anniversary!


In this heartfelt episode of Nourish, Steve opens up about his decision to embrace a life of sobriety.  I also share my side of the relationship as  this honest conversation delves deep into our transformation while offering invaluable insights for those who may be curious about the sober lifestyle.


Embracing Sobriety: A Courageous Choice 

Prepare to be inspired as Steve fearlessly opens up about his choice to become sober. With a mix of humor and vulnerability, he reveals his motivations, the ups and downs he has encountered, and the incredible rewards he discovered along the way. Steve's story is a testament to the courage it takes to embark on a healing journey toward sobriety.


The Power of Support: The Role of Loved Ones  

Throughout our conversation, we openly discuss the importance of a strong support system when pursuing a sober lifestyle. We touch upon the challenges we faced as a couple and how our relationship grew stronger through mutual understanding and space to grow.


Sober Curious: Exploring a New Mindset 

Steve and I explore the benefits of examining one's relationship with alcohol and the potential for personal growth that comes with embracing sobriety. We encourage listeners to look at their own habits and beliefs surrounding alcohol consumption and other possible addictions.


I remain in awe of my husband!  His courage, discipline, and willingness to heal has improved our marriage and strengthened our family bond in multiple ways.  If you, or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, please know that there is hope!  Steve has found quite a few answers through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and I have found beautiful support through Al-Anon.


We would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment on Instagram or Facebook and/or feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]


We would absolutely be honored to support you on your journey. If that doesn't quite feel right, we strongly suggest you reach out to AA and/or Al-Anon as they have amazing resources that can help you grow into the person that you know that you're meant to be. Reach out when, and if you are ready!



Highlights of this episode:

  • Steve breaks down the dirty little secret in our marriage.
  • Steve shares why it took over 3 months before sharing his sobriety decision with me.
  • I explain where the Hot Husband title comes from.
  • I share a beautiful experience with an AA meeting during our anniversary trip in Belize.


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Elopement at Silver Oak, September 2019

Family dinner at Barcelona Wine Bar, November 2019

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