3 Delicious Summer Mocktails

Jul 16, 2022
Photo of 3 delicious summer mocktails

Hello SUMMER!  


This season of life has brought A LOT of activity my way.  I recently added Chef Instructor at Sur La Table to my resume.  Woot woot!


What does this mean for you? 


If you find yourself in the Denver area, you can join me for in-person cooking classes this Fall!  Summer sessions are sold out.  I predict quite a few fun date nights and girls night out classes will pop onto my calendar with you.


Let's plan to cook together soon! 


You can find all of my events here.


Just so we’re clear, this new role is in addition to the plate-juggling (see what I did there?) that I do serving up nutrition group coaching, teaching culinary nutrition workshops, and facilitating a membership program to serve my community.  


Please do not get left behind:  Doors to NOURISH - The Membership close on 8/1. Sign up now if you have not yet.


All of this to say, Mama has been busy!  I am practicing what I preach, and am staying mindful of self-care, which includes alone time, naps, and sipping on refreshing drinks.  


Here are three Delicious Summer mocktails that I have recently created. The family has given me their approval and delight.  I hope you like them as well!   


The Minty Stawberry Lime Delight was Oliver's favorite!




Steve's fave is the Frosty Orange Drink.




I went back for seconds of the Cucumber Mint Joy as it reminded me of a day at the spa!




I sincerely hope you too are enjoying your summer and finding time to relax.  Let me know if you try any of these mocktails.  Posting a photo on Instagram (and tagging me) will get you extra credit!  


Talk soon,



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