#27: Why You Need Community with Dr. Sheneka Horne

Mar 14, 2023
#27: Why You Need Community with Dr. Sheneka Horne and Michelle Fox

In this episode…


I am so thrilled that I get to introduce Dr. Sheneka Horne to my community. She is the founder of the Blk Doctor, a Caribbean-American global health pediatrician and physician coach. Dr. Sheneka is from Brooklyn, New York.

After years of feeling disempowered in the medical system, she changed the way she thought about work. Dr. Sheneka now practices healthy boundaries, allowing for less work stress and more balance.

With the Blk Doctor, she focuses her attention on Black doctors in practice. The pandemic depleted so many providers, and for Black providers, there were always additional burdens. The Blk Doctor community aims to form a powerful network of doctors who learn, share, and grow together.

Dr. Sheneka is a natural connector! She enjoys connecting people with needed resources through coaching, she helps challenge the mindset and habits that keep Black doctors in unfulfilling roles and encourages them to take steps towards sustainable careers.

This conversation is filled with aha moments to help support one another and embrace community. Listen in for tips on how to self-advocate and inspiration to continue seeking better health!



Highlights of this episode:

  • I share my alter ego, Brooklyn Michelle
  • Dr. Sheneka shares about the Blk Doctor community and the mentorship she provides
  • We chat about the impact Covid 19 had on Black doctors in particular
  • I share the challenges that came with an early diagnosis of celiac disease and Dr. Sheneka shares how much progress there’s been in medical school around the subject
  • We talk about the importance of public health, community health, and personal health and that they are tied together


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