Episode 34: Mompreneur Megan Moran And The Healing Power Of Community

Hey fellow mama, how do you make time for work AND me time? 


Today, our conversation highlights the importance of understanding and supporting the journeys of moms in entrepreneurship, regardless of where they are in the spectrum of motherhood.

Megan Moran is a third-generation entrepreneur who is the owner of the Mompreneur Guide, a podcast host, author, and TV show creator.

She grew up in a household where the motto was, Do what you love and the money will come. The mom of two shares her passion for being present with her children while still pursuing her dreams and passions. Her stories illustrate that you can do the same!

Megan explains how the term "mompreneur" came about and why it is important to entrepreneurial mothers.

Megan believes being a mompreneur creates a deep connection point for other moms who understand the challenges and priorities of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. 

We acknowledge that women in different stages of motherhood have different needs, and her methodology aims to support moms at all stages of the spectrum.

Here are the  three things that are essential to all moms on their journey as mompreneurs: 

  • Strategy 
  • Support
  • Self-care

Strategy is not just about business but is also about home and life strategy. 

Support is not just about childcare but is also about support with spouses, friends, and communities. 

Self-care is crucial for filling up one's cup and stabilizing oneself. We also discuss the importance of prioritization and capacity for self-care, focusing on the word capacity and how it goes hand in hand with self-care. 


Highlights of this episode:

  • Megan Moran talks about being a third-generation mompreneur and growing up in a family where almost everyone runs their own business.
  • Being a mompreneur is a different (not better or worse) experience than being an entrepreneur without children, and there is a special connection among mompreneurs.
  • Megan shares her methodology for supporting moms on their entrepreneurial journey.
  • The importance of cultivating a supportive community, including like-minded women, to provide mutual guidance and support.


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