Episode 30: YOU Are Your Primary Doctor with Jenna Grooms

Content warning: The subject of suicide is briefly discussed in this episode.

After years of struggling with digestive issues, weight gain, anxiety, depression and beyond, Jenna Grooms decided to take her health in her own hands and peel back the layers that were sabotaging her from living a life filled with joy by overcoming her own major roadblocks. 


Jenna, a holistic health coach, lives by the mantra, progress over perfection. She shared this recently with her community, “If our health is dependent on us being perfect 100% of the time, then we're all screwed because it's just not tangible.” Right!?

We discuss how pain and stress can affect our physical and mental health, and the importance of taking care of ourselves in a holistic way. Jenna opens up about her personal journey of overcoming pain and suppressing emotions, and how she turned her experience into a path of growth, healing, and helping others.

We emphasize the benefits of meal planning and buying organic and provide tips for increasing energy and managing hormonal woes. 

We include a discussion of menopause and how stress can affect menopausal symptoms. 

This episode emphasizes the power of asking yourself the right questions and seeking external resources towards healing and designing a life that serves you. Tune in!


Highlights of this episode:

  • Suppressing pain and emotions for a long time can lead to a boiling point where action is necessary for healing and growth.
  • Jenna's journey towards holistic health includes deep dive courses into different lenses of health, becoming a certified coach, and incorporating different modalities that have been impactful to her.
  • Progress over perfection is key to our health and well-being, and our journeys are not linear.
  • Stress is a natural response in our bodies, but our stress mechanisms were designed at a time when stress was imperative to our survival. Now, we need to be aware of the negative effects of chronic stress and take steps to reduce it.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle choices play a significant role in managing stress, and Jenna encourages her clients to incorporate mindfulness practices and physical movement in their daily routine.


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