Episode 23: What Does Future You Think About Your Current Choices? with Amarilis Garcia

It is thrilling to introduce you to my Friend, Amarilis Garcia.  I can truly say Friend with a capital F. 


I met this beautiful spirit in Bali last year, and she was the calm in the storm.  You may think of Bali and its beauty. And yes, there was that. And if you have followed me on Instagram, @michellefoxlove (wink, wink) you will see the beautiful photos of not only Amarilis, but of the four other women that traveled with us. 

We were a motley crew. 

When we were exploring new land and new territory with a bit of excitement and anticipation, I would just look over and Amarilis would always be the calm one. She was doing her meditations on the bus - sometimes we were traveling an hour and a half to two hours to get to our location, and she had her earbuds in just swaying with her eyes closed. 

Amarilis was like this calm touchpoint for me in Bali. In the mornings when I would wake up, I noticed she was across the path, in the beautiful green grass, doing her yoga.  This was her practice every single morning, and I so admire that commitment.

Even at the dinner table, she just had this presence that she embodied.  It is the type of energy that I aspire to. And so before we officially jump into this conversation, let me share a snippet of this episode...

Words from our guest:  “If I say, I'm going to meet you here, I'm going to do so. If I say, “Hey, I'm gonna prepare lunch for you so you don't have to worry about it,” I do that because I care about you. 

Why don't I do that same thing for myself? Like, “Hey, wait a minute, Amarilis, I really love you and I want you to eat well. I want to give you what your body needs to be healthy so I can promise you that I'm gonna make lunch for you, so that way you have it and you don't have to stress about it.” 

Like literally talking to myself that way. Like when I don't want to get up to go to the gym.  It's a big deal. Right? Because I said I was gonna take care of you. Not because I need you to look fly. It's because I want you to feel good and you're important to me! 

So it's those conversations with self, and it always helps when you have somebody else who can hold you accountable as well.”

Oh my goodness!  This is just a small piece of the wisdom that Amarilis Garcia shared with us on this week’s episode of Healthy Sexy Nutrition.  

Are you looking for a few tools to be more consistent with your healthy choices?  Then you have my word, this is the conversation you’ve been looking for.

Amarilis believes in the power of community and storytelling in healing connections with self and others.  She offers Creatives a space to explore their inner strength to heal through EMDR therapy, yoga circles, and non-judgment.  She is an active introvert, yoga instructor, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

Amarilis is also hosting a Goals Masterclass which can be found at

Listen in and prepare to be inspired!


Highlights of this episode:

  • We have a conversation about self-worth and how to make ourselves a priority.
  • Amarilis gracefully corrects Michelle about an assumption regarding Puerto Rican culture.
  • The surprising place where you will find Amarilis dancing.
  • Practical tools to help you make choices NOW to support a healthy and vibrant FUTURE you.


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