My Journey to Gluten Freedom

Apr 26, 2021
Michelle Fox is smiling with a green smoothie in her hand.

For most of my 20’s and 30’s, I had low energy, erratic moods, and uncontrollable belly bloat. I tried so many things to feel good in my body - acupuncture, the Atkins diet, intense aerobic workouts, and more. Nothing helped me to feel healthy and whole.  


It was during my journey of trying to get pregnant that we discovered I had Celiac Disease. After a few years of trying to conceive with no success, my doctor took a simple blood test which confirmed her suspicions. It turns out I am allergic to gluten and dairy. My body was in a constant war with itself. According to Dr. Chiara Tersigni, the research shows that untreated Celiac Disease is associated with various reproductive disorders, but that relationship disappears after the patients start a gluten-free diet. 


Every day has been a journey since receiving my diagnosis. I was frightened initially and very resistant to changing my eating habits. It felt like a life sentence in prison to never be able to eat bread again. I felt like a victim as I watched the rest of my family and friends indulge in pizza and fried chicken, among other things. I hated the way I felt after ingesting gluten or dairy, but I hated feeling left out even more.


After letting go of my pity party, I discovered that life could be lived with so much more joy when gluten and dairy are removed from the diet. Plant-based eating has saved my life. When I eat whole foods, making sure to include protein, healthy fat, and fiber at every meal, I feel amazing in my body. My moods are more stable, and my hormones are in balance. Going to school at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition 



validated my journey to optimal health. The school gave me tools to cook nutritious foods that are also beautiful and delicious!


It has become my mission to share hope, possibility, and fun with others who may be struggling with their health. Gluten and/or dairy sensitivity does not have to feel like a prison sentence. There are so MANY delicious, nourishing foods to discover - including bread and chocolate cake (gluten-free, of course)!   


Gluten has been eliminated from my body for the past 15 years. I do not miss it one bit. Just the thought of digestive issues, splitting headaches, restless sleep, and yo-yo dieting scares me enough to stay on track. Life is so much more enjoyable, on the other side, as I am able to be present with my family and have plenty of energy to do the things I enjoy in life. I hope you will join me on this journey!


All my love,


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