Are you comparing your life to social media?

Feb 08, 2020
Michelle Fox is laughing and looking over her left shoulder.

Are you comparing your life to social media?


My cousin called over the holidays to catch up and share news from his family.

It was thrilling to hear how his children are creating in the world. After celebrating his family’s success, the conversation turned to me. He said, “Life looks pretty amazing for you. Is that true, or am I witnessing the highlight reel?”


comparing your life to social media - botanic gardens


I burst into laughter as I had never heard social media called the highlight reel. It tickled me because those words perfectly capture how I feel about my social media shares.


comparing your life to social media - girls at wedding dinner


You can be pretty certain that I will never post photos of my children having a meltdown.

There definitely won’t be any video recaps of the three days my then-boyfriend (now husband), and I spent not talking to each other out of anger. Also, you can be sure that you’ll never see the words I ranted about a neighbor who didn’t pick up after his dog splattered on my page. It just doesn’t feel good. 


comparing your life to social media - Chloe dog


Social media is an opportunity to connect with the community and catalog some of life’s beautiful moments. When I look at my page, I want to be reminded of what I am grateful for and/or challenges I have overcome. 


Life is full of ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean I have to create a platform for my shadows. I am choosing to spread light!


Sooooo, can we talk about comparisons?

I think it is human nature to judge other people in relation to ourselves. Almost primal, we want to know our place in society.


"Measuring the self against others is a modus operandi of the human mind, and in some ways, it can be helpful. The inspiration you feel about someone else's achievements can rev up the motivation to improve your own life. The recognition that your abilities are a notch above someone else's can deliver a boost to your self-esteem. But comparisons can be harmful when they leave you feeling chronically inferior or depressed.


Social comparison theory was first put forth in 1954 by psychologist Leon Festinger, who hypothesized that we make comparisons as a way of evaluating ourselves. At its root, the impulse is connected to the instant judgments we make of other people—a key element of the brain's social-cognition network that can be traced to the evolutionary need to protect oneself and assess threats.”  Psychology Today


To answer my cousin’s question:  yes, my life is pretty amazing, AND it is also messy.

For now, I am going to continue sharing the fun, loving, and unexpected surprises on social media, but I will trust that you understand that there is always more to the story.


comparing your life to social media - wine room


So again, are you comparing your life to social media?

I sure hope not. My genuine wish is that you find appreciation for your journey. We are all so very unique and beautiful in our way.


If you want to know deeper details about my life, just ask! I am always a text, email, Comments box, or phone call away.


Until next time – all my love!


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