#64: Cultivating Healthy Financial Habits with Stacey Bennett

Nov 28, 2023
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For  today’s show, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Stacey Bennett! This is an incredible woman who has transformed her financial situation and built successful money management systems. 

Stacey's journey with money and her work in empowering businesses, particularly women in transition, is truly inspiring! Now, she’s here and eager to help you. 

After listening to our episode, be sure to visit her website, The SLC Group, for some personalized money management guidance! There’s always room to learn more about your finances!


Cultivating Healthy Financial Habits

Stacey and I share a passion for community and empowering women, so we delved into the topic of cultivating healthy financial habits for women in transition. Whether you’re going through a divorce or a career change, Stacey shared some incredible insights. She believes that money is not just about numbers, but an opportunity for personal growth and a way to express love in life. 

Stacey also stressed the importance of connecting deeply with money and spending quality time with it in a positive way. This connection allows us to build skills, ask strategic questions, and use money as a tool to achieve our goals. How empowering is that?


No Profit, No Impact

During our conversation, Stacey explained the idea of "no profit, no impact". We have to start challenging the belief that money is inherently bad.  Profit is not a dirty word, but a necessary ingredient for creating a positive impact. 

Stacey shares her personal experience with a nonprofit organization and how its funding challenges led to its eventual dissolution. This gave her the realization of the importance of resources, both time and money, in making a sustainable impact. My friend, we can use economic power to serve the world, our families, communities, and ourselves!


Allocating Profit in Business and Personal Finances

Speaking of money, Stacey shared some juicy insights on profit allocation in both business and personal finances. Our discussion led her to providing us with some easy to follow steps to get our finances in order: spend more time with money, be aware of what you have, automate financial processes, and categorize your spending to create a budget. 

We talked about a strategy we both use, which is separating money into different accounts, like a bill account, a flex account for daily expenses, and separate savings accounts for specific financial goals. No more last-minute scrambling for funds! 



Highlights of this episode:

  • Stacey Bennett provides tools and support for entrepreneurs lacking financial skills
  • Michelle and Stacey discuss the importance of spending money on companies that align with personal values and mention the ease of identifying these companies
  • Stacey encourages listeners to embrace the learning process and be compassionate with themselves when making financial mistakes
  • Stacey shares how you can personally have a conversation or strategy session to discuss your financial journey with her 


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