#39: Hormones and the Blues with Jazmin Umuolo

Jun 06, 2023
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In this episode…

Hormonal changes can be a wild ride of emotions, with moments of pure happiness and moments of worry and vulnerability, making the experience incredibly impactful to our lives.

Jazmin Umuolo is a stay-at-home mom and author who advocates for informed choices in childbirth. Her ebook, "Birthing Like My Ancestors," shares her personal experience of choosing a home birth after a challenging hospital birth. She aims to empower women with knowledge and build a community focused on parenting through love and support rather than striving for perfection.

Today we explore the transformative journey of hormonal changes and the unique experiences women go through during pregnancy, and then later menopause, which often triggers hormonal imbalances that can contribute to mood swings and emotional fluctuations, commonly referred to as the "blues."

Jazmin bravely shared her struggles and challenging emotions during her parenting journey, highlighting the complexities involved in navigating this transformative phase of life. She recognized the profound impact of her sadness on her ability to parent with love and has felt on edge. It was an important realization for her to find a personalized solution that works which enables her to stay committed to her healthy parenting journey.



Highlights of this episode:

  • Jazmin shares an honest look at parenting.
  • Jazmin admits to a few “mommy fails.”
  • We talk about Jazmin’s depression journey.
  • We learn about how Jazmin found her strength for self advocacy.


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