#38: Why You Want To Prioritize Your Nervous System with Lauren Charbonneau

May 30, 2023
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It can be draining to juggle our daily routines. Stress and exhaustion have a way of appearing in our daily lives. Hang in there my friend - we have Lauren Charbonneau in this week’s conversation to give us tools to feel better!

Lauren is a somatic stress release practitioner and coach, and she's dedicated herself to helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs and executives find their way from chronic stress to tranquility by tapping into the power of their nervous systems. She knows firsthand the damaging effects of stress, and through her own journey of self-discovery, she's uncovered the incredible healing potential of somatic nervous system work. 

One of the things Lauren emphasizes is the importance of recognizing our thoughts and bodily sensations as indicators of our current state. Are we in fight or flight mode? Are we feeling frozen? Or perhaps we're in a more grounded and open state. With this awareness, she introduces practical steps that can help shift us towards a place of possibility and empowerment, enabling us to embrace change with greater ease.

Different changes in our lives can trigger various responses within our nervous system. Whether it's a shift in diet, a divorce, or a career transition, understanding the state of our nervous system can have a significant impact on how we approach and navigate those changes.

If you're anything like me and on a mission to keep burnout at bay, you're going to love this next part. We dive into the topic of hustle culture and why it's crucial to prioritize your nervous system in order to avoid burnout. Our patterns in life are often influenced by our default nervous system responses, which can be inherited or learned. Practice making decisions from a place of calm rather than tension and urgency.

Let's talk about some of the tools Lauren suggests for releasing chronic activation. First up, we have somatic movement. This is different from your typical cardio exercise routines. It's all about tuning into your body and letting it guide you. It can be as simple as pushing against a wall, shaking your body, or even moving your eyes. You can do it discreetly, making it perfect for busy corporate women who might need some private time, like in a bathroom stall.

Remember, finding a movement that brings you a sense of release is key. It could be dancing in the kitchen, shaking it off with your kids, pushing against something, or any movement that feels right for you. Animals and children naturally engage in this kind of movement, but as adults, we often lose touch with it. So, reconnecting with the need for release in our bodies is vital for our overall well-being.

It is so important to prioritize your nervous system. Remember, when stress and fatigue threaten to overwhelm you, there are practical steps and tools that can help bring you back to a place of tranquility!



Highlights of this episode:

  • Lauren shares her personal journey of expanding her capacity and how it has allowed her to make better choices in business, relationships, and life. 
  • We discuss the importance of building capacity for new ways of being.
  • We share the importance of understanding and managing the nervous system's response to change.
  • Lauren breaks down the concept of activation and its impact on decision-making and well-being.
  • We talk about the role of personal history and inherited patterns in shaping nervous system responses.


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