#22: Systemic Oppression and Burnout with Michelle Emmanuelle

Feb 07, 2023
Episode 22: Systemic Oppression and Burnout with Michelle Emmanuelle and Michelle Fox

In this episode…

I have a question for you. Does systemic oppression cause burnout?

You are in my community, so I already know that you know the answer to that question. The wonderful news is that I have a friend, who is with us on this episode, to help us break down exactly what that means.

Just a heads up: this conversation is largely targeted for my friends who are women of color. However, if you do not fit or fall into that category, I sincerely invite you to stick around and hear this conversation because there is a wonderful chance that not only is this going to help you relate to women of color, but I have a feeling it's going to heal some things inside of you as well.

There is a reason you are here and I sincerely invite you to stick around. Michelle Emmanuelle is here to chat with us about systemic oppression and how we can heal.

Michelle has over 15 years of experience as an educator, wellness coach, and consultant. Through her Empowering Resilience workshops, Michelle serves a diverse set of organizations. For instance, the global leadership team at Cisco Meraki, ERG leads at Ripple, team leaders at Ubisoft, managers at Airbnb, Catholic Charities Organization, and the Professional Women's Group with Dress for Success. Michelle also offers one-on-one coaching for burnout recovery for women of color.

Michelle Emmanuelle’s philosophy is that change only happens when it is sustainable and accompanied with ongoing support and accountability. Her training helps to offer you all of the above. She has certifications in somatic coaching, healing, race-based trauma, somatic stress and anxiety release, and over 500 hours of yoga training.

Most of the women in my community are wearing a lot of hats. It can be challenging to manage a household, a job, a family and friends without burning out. So I asked Michelle: how do we stop being the last people on our to-do list?

Her first response? Consistency and creating habits around self-care. Michelle goes on to say, “When I do workshops, I always just start by doing a reframe, and I tell people that adding anything else to their schedule is overwhelming. And so it's like, forget it. Even if it's something that's good for you, people are like, it's not happening. So my reframe to people is like, I'm not asking you to add another thing to your schedule. What I'm asking you to do is integrate what's already there.”

Michelle Emmanuelle offers a coaching series called BIPOC Wellness or Black Wellness, depending on the demographic, to organizations such as Lululemon, where the company is working towards creating more diversity.

We all know that we need more wellness, especially in the black community. So having an opportunity for coaching, that's actually supporting that wellness, is only going to help organizations get stronger and better!

Wow these organizations are so lucky to receive Michelle’s expertise! If you are ready for this type of coaching in your organization, please reach out to Michelle at the links below.



Highlights of this episode:

  • We discuss the importance of community and how it can help heal racial trauma.
  • Michelle Fox shares how the untimely death of her father drives her to find solutions to build healthier communities.
  • Michelle Emmanuelle shares how we can stop being the last people on our to-do lists and leads us in a 30-second practice to calm our nervous systems.
  • Michelle Emmanuelle defines systemic oppression and both Michelle’s share an experience of micro-aggression.


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