#12: How to Find Your Passion at any Stage of Life with Alicia Christian

Nov 29, 2022
Alicia Christian smiling on the left and Michelle Fox in her kitchen on the right.

In this episode…

Alicia Christian is a force to be reckoned with as an actress, singer, Doctorate in Nursing Practice, and the host of The Eating Me Podcast!  She joins me on this episode to discuss finding passion at any stage of life.


After over 10 years away from the entertainment world, Alicia is ready to share her ability to engage an audience through her story-telling, sultry and gospel based vocal stylings, and by way of interviewing individuals sharing stories about how eating has affected their lives on a personal or professional level.


Beyond the entertainment realm, Alicia is a certified pediatric nurse practitioner. Alicia prides herself in assisting the pediatric population in providing preventative health education, as well as treatment to help them lead lives they are meant to have as they approach adulthood.

According to Alicia, “I’m a jack of all trades that has mastered how to do what I want in this life…what I want to do is be a blessing to those that I encounter…the hope is they go out in the world and do the same.”


Listen in to hear Alicia's amazing journey of returning to her voice and her commitment to self-love!



Highlights of this episode:

  • The life-changing words Alicia heard from her middle school theater teacher.
  • How Alicia found the courage to leave her "safe" college career and toxic job.
  • The surprising twist that brought Alicia to New York City.
  • Why Alicia and Michelle are so passionate about building community.


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