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Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?

7 Steps To Dramatically Reduce Your Hot Flashes Through The Power of Nutrition!


Are you tired of battling hot flashes, night sweats, and other bothersome symptoms that come with menopause?

Look no further! The guide is here to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to take control of your well-being.  You are not meant to suffer!

In this original guide, you will discover the seven key steps to help mitigate menopausal symptoms through the power of nutrition. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and welcome a renewed sense of vitality! With my proven strategies, you can navigate this transitional phase with grace and confidence.

Inside the pages of "Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me," you'll find:

1. Comprehensive Guidance: We dive into the science behind menopausal symptoms and explain how certain foods and nutrients can work wonders in alleviating them. You'll gain a clear understanding of the underlying causes and how to address them naturally.

2. Seven Essential Steps: My step-by-step approach outlines simple yet effective strategies to minimize hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, and more. Take charge of your hormonal balance and experience relief like never before.

3. Nutritional Insights: Discover a treasure trove of nutritional knowledge tailored specifically for menopause. Learn about hormone-balancing options that can make a world of difference in your day-to-day life.

4. Bonus Recipes: As a special bonus, we've included a collection of delectable recipes designed to support your journey towards hormonal harmony. From nourishing smoothies to delicious meals, these recipes make healthy eating enjoyable and effortless.

5. Expert Advice: Written by a Culinary Nutritionist with over 20 years of experience, this book combines cutting-edge research with practical wisdom. Benefit from my years of experience and gain valuable insights that will empower you on your menopausal journey!

Don't let menopause control your life any longer. Take charge of your well-being and reclaim your vitality! 

Order your copy today and unlock the secrets to a smoother, more comfortable menopausal journey. Experience the freedom and relief you deserve!


What People Are Saying:

I started seeing more progress, just from eating cleaner. Thank you thank you thank you! I am so grateful.

Rev. Regina Groff

I have nothing but praise and gratitude to Michelle. Before I started my journey of eating to help my hormones, I ate what I wanted whenever I wanted and then paid the price through a bloated stomach and sluggish energy. I didn't fully appreciate the impact my food choices were having on my well-being! Michelle specializes in nutrition and was exactly who I needed to see. She is realistic in her approach and has guided me to analyze my own eating habits, so that through her knowledge and inspiration, I myself have figured ways to help me reach my goal. I would definitely recommend Michelle to anyone struggling with eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Melissa Wright

Weighed myself this morning ... down another 2 lbs! God is good! I feel great and have not had any setbacks! Thanks to your AWESOME ideas!

Terri Shoates Pina